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A heavily oiled pelican flounders on the beach at East Grand Terre Island in Barataria Bay, La.  (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times / June 4, 2010)Gulf Oil Spill Ruins Many Lives while a Few See Profits What has happened, and what can we do? / Dennis Knicely, Editor-in-Chief / June 05, 2010 / When we look close at causes and effects of this spill it is obvious profit has displaced safety. Read more...

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Engineers to take over rescue of oceans

Oil engineers/scientists bypass heads of BP/Government to call for necessary response in resources and brain power directly from the imperiled people of the world.

Banker-Monopoly Lords are no longer controlling this undertaking, which is now nothing less than the rescue of the human race and the other life upon which our lives depend. - Saying time is "almost impossbily short," Dr. Arthur Strahler of Kansas Institute of Technology calls for world industrial mobilization "to save as many extant species as possible including man."

June 10, 2010

by Aurthur Strahler

Arthur Strahler"We have come upon a peril with so many new engineering problems on such a large scale all threatening destruction of the earths capacity to support life as we know it, that we cannot leave mankind's last opportunities to save itself in the hand's of what is essentially the very ignorant and unsymapthetic hands of organized crime who, even at the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute are bent on suppressing information and on not undertaking the fantastically costly engineering and industrial miracle-making that must be performed starting immediately and lasting perhaps five or ten years.

"I call on all people of the world to push their governments aside in coming elections and through demonstrations calling on governments to resign. I call on all stockholders of all oil companies to demand that their companies be put under the control of a body of engineers whom the top engineers in the field will themselves select.

"I call on immediate work to create a giant concrete ring round the spills, as large as necessary -- so serve as a giant funnel -- or depressurization silo -- that will reduce the pounds per square inch by increaseing the width of the pipe through which it travels to something more than 100 feet in diameter. This giant reservoir will have less pressure at its walls and from dozens of outlets along its circumference oil will be removed and brought to the surface where it will be conveyed to railway cars -- which will then convey the oil to all of the empty wells, some of them already designated for national strategic oil supply -- and fill them with this oil.

"Simultaneously the largest land moving efforts ever undertaken by mankind will 1) seal off the Mediterranean from the contaminated Atlantic. Efforts run still-clean sea water to inland below sea-level valleys, especially Death Valley will be undertaken -- hoping to create as much of a saltwater sea as possible in which to transfer marine species soon to become extinct otherwise.

"Every effort must be made to gather the makings of sufficient colonies of shore and deep sea animals with which to stock these major inland sea-water sanctuaries until they are fully prepared.

"We cannot afford to continue in wasteful stupidity. All wars -- Afghanistan, Iraq etc. must stop immediately -- all goverments must stop serving them so that the trillions that have gone to war can go to this emergency effort to save mankind.

"We cannot allow the same bankers and oil corporations -- Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum in particular -- to make the decisions, to control government and this All-Humanity life-and-death crisis. We cannot afford their extortion of interest and their gouging of monopoly profit from every disaster as they have in so many recent decades.

"If we try to do this job in the usual way with the usual government financing of monopoly corporations all tied up with corrupt politics -- especially now when the population has been economic drained of all of its strength and health, it will destroy our civilization before the oil pollution does. Revolutions born of politics and economics are always frauds and cheats -- but Revolutions born of the contingencies of survival can -- and in this case must -- bring a cleaning out of old corruption to obtain the efficiences we need to survive.

bulldozersIf the corporations owners will not turn their services over to the engineers, ecologists, economists under the direction of the new Engineering Directorate -- then the coercive power of government will have to be used to "draft" those corporations into service, just as individuals are drafted in wartime. If presidents are not for this then presidents will have to be overrided by legislatures. If legislatures will not allow this then legislatures will have to be called upon to resign. If courts interfere then justices will have to be impeached even as their decisions are ignored.

The Engineering directorate will also appoint economists to devise a debt-free economy where households are supplied with social credit money that comes from God's Good Thin Air, even as governments will tax this abundance in order to pay for the deploying of resources for this emergency. I have calulated the expense of making this emergency steps to save mankind and it is much less than by far than the expense of government and finance and big business run by organized crime is now costing the average person. This is no exageration -- even before the eco-super-disaster the entire world was collapsing because everyone owed too much to the Rothschilds and the Rothschild's were deliberately reducing the payment media in circulation from which the people could make their debt payments. When governments can't pay Rothschild, the world's organized crime ruling elites have said -- well- too bad, all of the assets of that country must be sold off and the people enslaved forever (which is how the the compounding debt will require to be paid).

We engineers say, rather than have the entire world be pauperized because they can't pay Rothschild the economic winnings gained in a rigged game of poker -- the only game in town, in a town where the sheriff and the judge are paid by Rothschild -- then it is time for the engineers to step in, as we are doing now, and set the households and the entrepreneurs and the working men of the world free. The great oil catastrophe is going to cost mankind a lot of sacrifice and unheard of work and cooperation requiring an entirely new mindset -- but the very efficiencies required to save our lives are also going to be our liberation from feudal slavery that has been imposed on all of us by an evil money power. Southerland, the chairman of BP and of Goldman Sachs is no longer calling the shots. I am.

I call for all engineers in fields necessary -- to write new resumes tailored to the job at hand -- and make it honest -- we can't have imposters in charge of saving billions of lives.

The Engineering Directorate will claim power only over the spheres necessary to minimize the damage done by this event. That power we claim is the full allegience of the general public, those we serve, those we intend to save.

Once it may have been smart to oppose oil production against the alternatives. Now we have no choice but to build a hundred or a thousand new oil refineries. We need to find new uses for the oil we are going to be getting whether we like it our not. We are going to have to divert all of the scientists we have wasted on tools of war and rededicate them immediately to the battle of survival.

I have said the owners of the oil companies -- mostly the Rockefellers, must turn their companies over to the engineers. Perhaps a better solution will be nationalization without compensation. They have shown by their non-response that they are not friends of the United States or of the environment. (I have known all along that the lies of peak oil and of global warming have merely been disinformation to move politicans and public acceptance toward restriction of output to obtain monopoly prices. The Rockefellers never have really been concerned about the environment, or cheap oil, or the welfare of the rest of the human race. Their time is up -- we have not time for them.

Americans voted for Obama in 2008 because the only other nominee was Hillary Clinton and the only other candidate was John McCain/Sarah Palin. Now I am asking the people of the world to vote for the Engineers and Scientists over the politicians because we are running against The Death of Billions of People and against Time that is way the heck too short to come up with any other plan.

Now you must dig new channels of communication and cooperation that sidesteps the government and the bankers who own all of the newspapers and broadcast facilities. Your job comes first. Tear down the wall of corruption that is preventing the Directorate of Engineers from getting started. For God's sake, get moving.

Aurthur Strahler


Elmer Lane, Ferdinand D. Lesseps, John August Roebling, John Rennie, John Smaton, Otham Hermann Ammann, Jackson Quan, Robert Maillart, Thomas Telford, Arthur Kitson

This post is about the immediately possible -- it is a call to action with a proposal that models the response called for. No such rebellion by engineers is really taking place. The question to ask is "What must be done for the program in this letter to become possible and to get it started.

It is time for you to drop everything and assume responsibility right now to make the dictates of human survival the new reality. Survival contingencies are unforgiving. Either you and I adapt to the challenge fast enough or we perish. Adapting means removing every obstacle -- human and institutional as well as physical and technological.

This challenge will either finish us or make us.

Are we in this together?

Dick Eastman - Yakima, Washington

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