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From the Healing News Network...

Protect Yourself and Heal from Radiation Exposure

By Dennis Paul Knicely, Editor-in-Chief

A Living Legend
Explained simply yet "speculation" by today's scientific standards...
Healed Naturally with Vegan Raw

Nu Nukes - Heal with by natural means

Nuclear fallout is real, now covering most of the Northern Hemisphere after the recent accident in Japan. When radiation, in form a fast-moving electron or gamma ray encounters a human cell, it can cause extensive damage. Up to a point, the body normally repairs itself. When the dose is high, there is extreme cell damage, and health effects are immediate.

Mainstream focus in March 2011 was on iodine- 131, a radioisotope notable for causing mutation and death in cells which it penetrates. Potassium iodide and / or foods containing natural iodine and potassium were recommended to counter these effects. Iodine-131 can be "seen" by nuclear medicine imaging techniques. It has a radioactive decay half life of about eight days

There has been extensive research, relating the differences with processed foods and those considered low on the food chain, karma, or how they are produced, along with effects. Most know the difference between chemicals, poisons, and natural organic grown foods. Yet little is understood about the long term effects of nuclear cesium- 137, in our atmosphere right now, that breaks down or mutates to barium-137. Cancer is often caused by resulting mutation in human bodies.

Cesium-137 enters the body when it is inhaled or ingested. Once there, it gets distributed, concentrating in muscle, bone or fat. It is very challenging to remove at that point, taking discipline by natural processes. Cesium-137 is a non-natural element that did not exist before early nuclear fission experiments in the 1930s.

Strontim- 90 is an extremely dangerous bi-product of nuclear fission. Similar in ways to calcium, it enters deats in bones, entering the body primarily through cow's milk. Radioactive iodine can also enter the body through cow's milk.

The goal of this article is to neutralize effects of radiation, yet much more is needed if fallout is too severe. It will take discipline and changes to make these changes to survive. This is a colorless, odorless catalyst, what they call nuclear radiation contamination, and it sets off all kinds of “chain reactions”.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited / AECL spokesman Hal Tracy explained that the nuclear industry in Canada accepts the theory that there is no safe threshold limit for radiation exposure; hence, it must also be accepted that any dose at all has the potential for harm, and that eventually there will be some evidence of this harm. "Possibly there will be more cancers among our workers," said Mr. Tracy. "These first cases weren't a total surprise. Deaths due to radiation exposure had been predicted. We've always believed there was an increased risk."

A Living Legend

When presenting a case study, or offering advice, we often use expertise, advice, and information based on generations, sometimes going back thousands of years. Every once in a great while, someone comes along or sticks around to pass vital information sometimes the only link to a pertinent story, that can lead to many healings.

One Case Example: When first moving to Santa Fe I met Dr. Jay Victor Scherer, one of [if not the] finest Natural Doctors in existence. Dr. Scherer believed adhering to a vegan diet was basically what kept him alive and functioning, after working on nuclear accelerators in Los Alamos, NM [just up road from Santa Fe] during WWII.

Jay lived into his late 80s, working full time until an automobile accident that put him in a coma. Sitting with him during his final breaths, his body hooked to IVs, not able to talk or open his eyes, I knew this was the last place he ever wanted to be, and here he was. My last promise to him: "I will do everything possible to continue your message"...

During that WWII, Dr. Scherer was constantly monitored at what was then considered 200 times OVER acceptable levels of radiation... much higher with toxic, deadly effects by today's standard. I shared my nutrition research with him, and it was verified that every other person he worked with had died of cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc. much earlier, and Dr. Scherer was still alive decades later. He claimed it was from his diet, yet his health would have even been better if not for the canned, creamed vegetables [all they had] during that time in Los Alamos. This compromised his "vegan [no animal products] lifestyle from birth.

Explained simply yet "speculation" by today's scientific standards... Common sense makes these facts basically easy to understand: Saturated fats, especially those present in beef, poultry, and/or pork, other related products, etc. are extremely sticky, often turning to cholesterol and/or later plaque, after entering blood stream through stomach or other body parts when consumed. Any substance like this [grease] can be a problem in our human systems. They clog arteries, veins, lung tissue, or other places at times, leading to all kinds of side effects. Yet some saturated fats are beneficial.

When a body is contacted by highly radioactive elements like the iodine, cesium, strontium, barium, or other contaminants from nuclear fallout, chemtrails, etc. these particles are more prone to merge with grease, simply because it is "sticky". When we have "excess body" {stored fat} either in or around blood vessels with the plaque / cholesterol, these are areas more prone to attack from nuclear radiation, particles simply "out there" looking for places to latch on, and start mutating.

When one eats mostly vegan, preferably raw nuts, seeds, sprouts, greens, grains, fruits, edible mushrooms, etc. the natural, unprocessed oils from these foods are mostly "water soluble", easily breaking down, and not so sticky, mucking up blood systems and/or digestive tracts. Good fats, especially from walnuts, can actually cause a "reversal" of effects from the dangerous saturated fats, since they are sometimes soluble with the nut oils, then broken down and flushed out of blood stream.

A more conventional procedure called "chelation" has also helped with this condition, yet could cause side effects, so should only be done with professional counsel.

One can easily see the difference after years of washing dishes or seeing effects on kitchen drains from too much grease. What gets rid of the grease quickly? Soap. What happens when soap and grease mix? Scum on top of water, chemically known as stearic acid, a key ingredient in steroids. It flushes out grease, but has other severe side effects while it sometimes dissolves more than people are hoping for...

When body has gotten rid of these dangerous fats, blood with its oxygen rich nutrient gets through to the cellular level in our bodies much quicker and efficient, while doing it's duty to also help flush out "anti life" matter with their allies, the dangerous radioactive isotopes.

Coconuts are probably the best source of "good saturated fat" that does not seem to have detrimental qualities like butter, lard and grease, the sticky stuff that binds to everything, and is hard to wash off or get out.

"Back in the days when" [before advent of soy uses] favored edible mushrooms were the protein rich nutrients of choice, considered a "meat". Of course nuts and seeds are also great. Flax, especially the flax oil, then available as "linseed oil" from hardware stores, was the famous "snake oil remedy" of roadside hawkers.

Healed Naturally with Vegan Raw...

I also knew a lady close by, that had completely reversed a severe case of Melanoma [skin cancer] by adopting a purely vegan, totally raw diet, nothing cooked or heated, no surgeries to contend with, no drugs, no chemo, etc. She had healed her cancer, was completely well, yet came down severely ill in Winter of 1979. She told me it was nuclear radiation sickness, and that although a bad case, she survived after a special cleanse.

That time of radiation had made me sick also, yet did not know why. Many people hit the emergency rooms that year, some didn't "make it", but local media barely mentioned what was going on at a "top secret nuclear facility" just 45 minutes away... I found out and verified "leak" through a retired scientist without "non-disclosure" clauses preventing him from speaking up. Of course, none of us had clout to publish this, or were foolish enough to even try at the time. We simply overcame the effects by eating well, and avoiding the illness resulting. Of course some did not make it, or take this crisis serious.

The cleanse that helped the most: Make a gallon or more of sage tea. Take a bath with it. Drink as much as you can... and do warm enemas with it... It worked very well, i was "cleaned out" rather quickly.

I hope this, the following PDF and other links attached will give you insight, because Canada, the United States, and all of the Nothern Hemisphere have been hit with radiation fallout from Japan. With over 100 nuclear power facilities in the U.S., along with rest of World, it is worth precaution.

Love and Light, Dennis


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These attached links and "how to" words share some of the best information, based on decades of cause and effects, for a severe problem that will possibly not go away for decades, if not thousands of years...

Radiation Danger from Nuclear Power Plant Emissions Jon Plotkin

- NUCLEAR AUTHORITIES (1982) by G. Edwards

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Sea salt and baking soda, best all natural remedy for curing radiation exposure and cancer
/ April 10, 2011 / If you have been exposed to any form of radiation, either for medical diagnostic purposes (fluoroscopy/mammography/other medical x-ray exams) or in the course of radiotherapy treatment, or if you are otherwise concerned by excessive radiation exposure, overload or poisoning (such as living near a nuclear reactor facility, working with diagnostic radiological equipment/in the nuclear processing industries/uranium mining/uranium or plutonium processing), or if you have been exposed to radioactive particles or higher ionizing radiation doses stemming from other sources such as depleted uranium (DU), testing of atomic weapons, frequent flights in higher altitudes, a nuclear disaster (radiation fallout from the Japan nuclear power plants) etc., here are a number of tips and suggested remedies how to naturally help your body excrete damaging radioactive elements (e.g. strontium and radioactive iodine) or detoxify their noxious byproducts such as free radicals as well as deal with radiation burns. Read more...

Grandma's remedy for radiation exposure DRDO scientists to develop antidote against effects of radioactivity, the key ingredient being tulsi / Anshuman G Dutta / 2010-07-06 Mid-Day (Delhi) "Krishna Tulsi, which is a variant of regular tulsi and found in abundance in southern parts of the country, has several medicinal values. The extracts of this plant and its leaves can be used to produce anti-radiation medicines and researches are already going on in this field," said a senior DRDO scientist. Read more...

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Radiation and Health: The Aftershocks of Japan's Nuclear Disaster / Susan Blumenthal, M.D. / 04/22/11 / huffingtonpost / In Japan, the particles in the air near the plant are more concentrated. They can settle to the ground or enter clouds and be returned to earth in the rain, which can coat plants that animals eat or that are produced as food for humans. Radioactive particles from the nuclear facility can also be absorbed by the soil, contaminating groundwater that feeds plant life, agriculture, and drinking water supplies, as well as be washed out to the ocean, where it may affect sea life. Read more...

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