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Avoiding and Healing the Flu, Avian Influenza and Fowl Plague
Developing Immunity without Vaccines or Drugs through the Vegan diet

Known as Avian Influenza, Fowl Plague, or Swine Flu

By Dr. Dennis Paul Knicely

Early Avian Flu virusAvoiding and healing the Flu is such an easy one, that I am surprised most people are not aware of it already. The common Flu symptom is Influenza A, otherwise known as Avian Influenza, Fowl Plague, or Swine Flu. The type A Avian Flu known as "Influenza A (H5N1) virus" is caused in humans by contact with infected birds of fowl, namely Chicken, Duck, Turkey, or their bi-products called eggs. Swine can also be infected with the Avian virus, and can pass it as well, leading to another strain recently recognized as influenza A virus subtype H1N1.

This flu disease is easy to be "almost" immune to. It is a disappointment, yet not surprising that the AMA, including most MDs, corrupt Government officials, pharmaceutical companies, etc. are either ignorant, or purposely evading telling people the truth! Why are people so numbskull that they keep going back to what gives them an illness? Because they are mostly addicted to fowl, pork, and/or legal drugs that break down the immune system. Avoiding the cause reverses illness, healing the body.

What is it about people, that they just ignore the facts, and eat contaminated food from animals that can spread the flu? Because "big pharma" make big money selling flu vaccines, other drugs, and MD's make little money if their patients don't come back sick, healed naturally from the flu! Doctors might not afford a 3rd. luxury car, another expensive vacation, or a 2nd. or 3rd. house on the beach. Their clients, waking up to the truth, might be able to preserve some of their life-savings to pass on to their kids. Note: Most doctors are just following what has been taught in their programs to get AMA certification.

How does one avoid getting the Flu? The simple truth: Don't eat swine products, chicken, duck, turkey or bi-products of these birds, including eggs. To a Vegan Vegetarian, this sounds easy, and it is. To an average American, accustomed to flavors, with a body full of parasites [virus, bacteria, worms, etc.] living off these animals, avoiding "unclean" foods can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms, from just quitting eating poultry or pork. The body might go through a period of craving, cramps, or other symptoms associated with denying the body these [mostly] contaminated foods.

The first flu virus was identified in the 1930s. Since then, scientists have classified flu viruses into types A, B, and C. Type A is the most common flu and usually causes the most serious epidemics. Type B outbreaks can also cause epidemics, yet the disease it produces generally is milder than that caused by type A. Type C viruses never have been connected with a large epidemic.

Culture / enzymes for the growth of Avian Influenza [Fowl Plague] are introduced to the body by just eating birds of fowl, or their eggs, whether one has the Flu or not. The same is true with Swine Flu from pork products. Once one has eaten these animal products a body is naturally permeated with culture assisting in Flu Virus growth. The body is now infected with the major cause of the flu.

When an infected human comes in contact with a bird, swine, or another human with the Flu symptoms, chances are they will get these symptoms, unless they have a strong immune system to begin with. If that culture already exists in their system, they will most likely go through a "sick" period, just fighting off Influenza A, and it can be severe, depending on how often this person has been eating chicken, duck, turkey, eggs and/or pork products. One can get flu while avoiding these foods, yet generally it will not be as severe.

I became aware of this in 1980, after eating chicken and turkey for the first time in 9 years. I ate some contaminated fowl [right after Thanksgiving] and got the worst case of illness that I had experienced since adopting a mostly Vegan/Vegetarian diet. I felt awful, with severe nausea - stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, body aches as well as vomiting. My friends [who gave me the vermin aka: Flu bugs] said "Don't worry about it, everyone is getting it". I just put "1 + 1" together, and came up with "2": I got the disease from eating contaminated Chicken and Turkey, Period.

I have not gotten severe symptoms from Avian Influenza since never eating fowl again, almost 25 years now - simply mild mucous from sometimes breaking down and eating something with eggs or dairy. In the early 1990's, I met Howard Lyman at lecture, and later told him about my experience. Howard was the expert on "Mad Cow Disease" [Go to: ] who later went on Oprah Winfrey's show when she said "Oh my God, I'll never eat another hamburger again in my life!" after challenging the Cattle ranchers. I mentioned that Howard should start telling people the cause of Flu, along with the problems associated with Beef and Milk consumption. He later did his own research, and told us that AMA Journals validated Flu is often caused by contaminated poultry.

Vaccinations give people a small dose of disease, assuming they will become immune from the dose. Sometimes people actually get severe illness as well as other dangerous side effects from the vaccine, and start SPREADING disease, instead of avoiding it. But politicians [including our Presidents] get campaign contributions from operations that manufacture "poisons" [especially Monsanto, who made huge$$ from DDT, etc.], as well as the AMA and other associated organizations that profit from proliferation of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and [many times] unnecessary surgeries, chemotherapy, and nuclear radiation treatments.

If you take a flu vaccine, you may have a mild reaction, such as a fever, sore muscles, and tiredness, but most people don't have a severe reaction. The flu vaccine is usually given 4 to 6 weeks before flu season begins. Anyone allergic to eggs should not get a flu vaccine because the viruses for the vaccine are grown in chicken eggs. I don't accept inoculations, and just don't eat the birds and their eggs. Also, vaccines have so far been considered ineffective, as the type A influenza / flu viruses often mutate faster than the vaccines can be manufactured.

I say it is better to KNOW the cause of an illness, and that way one can decide whether or not they will eat the contaminated animal products and risk getting a debilitating illness. The Common Flu symptoms can also be caused by any number of toxins including pharmaceutical chemicals or industrial pollutants. Healing the Flu means eating and thinking correctly, as well as cleansing the system with fresh water, juices or other natural means.

To quit eating swine, birds of fowl, and their bi-products [eggs or foods with egg in it] does not mean you will never get the Flu. Yet based on my experience, chances are you won't get the severe sypmtoms. If you do get sick, it will be a milder case, as the body does not have much of a culture or enzymes for colonies of Avian or Swine Influenza Virus to exist.

Most of the time, we can fight off the Flu by simply eating correctly, and avoiding foods that break down the system. However, we occasionally get caught in rooms full of people coughing and sneezing, shake hands with someone contaminated, or in some way it slips into our system from being too close to another diseased individual. That's why it is so important to eat right, so we can fight off the virus before it gets us. Yet you still have to be careful.

The Vegan, mostly Raw Diet is truly beneficial. Cooking beans and rice [or corn] is better than meat to get essential proteins. Nuts and seeds, as well as avocado with corn are great sources of natural protein, so you can easily be properly nourished without contaminated animal products, especially when balanced with dark leafy greens and fresh fruits.

Sometimes we have to be practical to survive the Cold seasons, especially with escalated fuel costs from importing. Natural vitamin D from sunlight works very well to build immunity to the flu. When sunlight is not available, vitamin D can be consumed as a supplement.

In the summer, when raw foods are readily available, eat them. Even the Common Cold can be supressed from just avoiding animal products and overly processed foods, yet it is still essential to have a good balance of Citrus and other fruits with natural vitamin C. When Citrus is not available, fresh Chili Peppers are a great source of vitamin C.

We must also support Organic Farmers, as diseases similar to the Flu symptoms can also be spread through contaminated soil laced with toxins and poisons from insecticides, as well as herbicides. Tell your farmers to avoid using seeds from companies associated with Monsanto, and other outfits profiting from Genetically Modified Foods - very dangerous to our health as well as the environment. Look at labels before buying products, to make sure they do not contain products that can cause illness. Tell your Congressmen and Senators to support legislation requiring labeling of genetically modified foods, as well as organic.

Modern Chicken, Turkey, and Swine, especially those in most factory farms, do not even resemble their Ancient Ancestors. Before the Euro-Christian invasion of this country, the bird of choice for consumption was passenger pigeons, and even they are mostly extinct now. The proliferation of filthy cities have propagated their cousins [common pigeon] that now exist, and are extremely contaminated. We now have huge amounts of great foods sources available that are much cleaner to eat than unclean animals.

. Huge areas of what used to be pristine lands are now extremely polluted by factory farming of animals, harming both streams and the land.

Only you can make this choice for yourself. By knowing the difference, at least now you are aware of the truth. Why do MD's still recommend chicken soup as a remedy for the flu? Duh? Sometimes fighting fire with fire works, but most of the time common sense works better.

- Dr. Dennis Knicely, Editor -

For serious inquiries or to book for lectures: 310-403-8160

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