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Natural Healing of Heart Disease

Prevention without Drugs, Surgery or Chemicals

Avoid heart problems, attacks, strokes, and other coronary disorders with proper nutrition, understanding, and natural remedies

By Dr. Dennis Paul Knicely

Dear Readers, This page was started to establish the connections between Heart Disease and Illness with what we call "SAD" - the Standard American Diet. Heart attacks are uncommon when avoiding contaminated animal products and chemical laced foods, by simply consuming organic, preferably raw fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, etc. Embracing this diet is great as long as one maintains a balanced nutrition plan and understands why they do it.

To treat an illness, it is always in one's interest to know the cause. Heart disease, attacks, strokes, and other coronary disorders are no exception. Contaminated, processed foods lack nutrient value to sustain us. Fresh, organic raw produce has been used since ancient times to nourish our bodies with needed support.

Simply put, death begets death, life begets life. What we put into our systems, to a large extent affects what comes out of our systems. When we eat, drink or breathe correctly we get desired results. When we eat, drink or breathe incorrectly, based on lifetimes of trial and error, numerous issues known as "health disorders" can be exacerbated, and eventually the "ol'ticker just finally gives out"... unless we get rid of the cause in time. This can be any number of things.

The heart is a pump, pushing fresh blood out in all directions, and refilling up with more fresh blood after the kidneys and liver do their job to filter out impurities. Hopefully we replenish blood with more fresh, useable nutrient sent out to all the body parts.

This keeps going on until the heart stops and we die. The heart is like an engine in this way: When given proper fuels it works. When we feed a body the proper types of foods and oils, it maintains function much better, and we cut down the possibility of it stopping.

Numerous things stop the heart, yet one of the leading causes is too much fat and grease in the blood stream, that the liver and kidneys are not able to filter out. Steve Wynn of Las Vegas recently equated consumption of cow's milk to drinking "liquid cholesterol".

Obesity is often the result of fat, crud, and grease, sometimes called cholesterol and/or plaque lining the arteries, that starts hardening from a lower temperature. There are other causes as well. Right now we are discussing heart and stroke issues. Reversing these conditions is essential to heart health.

Hot saturated fats can easily pass through stomach linings to the blood stream. Away from the main vessels, we sometimes get "fatty buildups" known as tumors, cysts, clots, fibroids, as well as fat. These "pockets of crud, grease, etc." are part of a body's natural mechanism to protect itself from toxic waste in the body that stomach, liver, kidney, etc. cannot filter out of the blood, and it gets stuck somewhere else until "further notice".

When these "pockets" build up beyond what the body can do anything with, they can burst, leak, leading to a severe toxic reaction when this "less than desirable crud, not crude" starts spreading out. This is what they often call cancer, and if it spreads too fast, or the "stored waste" does too much damage it can lead to heart failure.

Many strokes happen in in the winter, especially around Winter Solstice when many people eat a lot of fat-rich and greasy foods for the holidays. It is also colder, so the body generally has to work harder to "warm up" the fat / grease in clogged arteries and veins.

This is why exercising is good, as it warms up this fat / grease, and hopefully gets channeled out through the liver or kidneys, later through intestinal system as excrement. Grease or cholesterol in our blood vessels works like grease and crud in kitchen drains, clogging up systems. At least that's how many medical professionals approach the body - like a plumber cleans drains or mechanic fixes a car. Poisonous drugs, chemicals, catheters, chelation, and invasive treatments are sometimes prescribed to flush out this harmful plaque, cholesterol, and/or grease build-up that restricts blood flow.

A classic example: When John Robbins wrote and later filmed Diet for a New America he worked with Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D. / founder at the Institute of Nutrition Education and Research. They did a "before and after" test with a gentleman eating a standard beef cheese burger. Before the test blood was extracted in a test tube, and was red. 1/2 hour AFTER eating the cheese burger, his blood was once again extracted and at the top of the red blood in the test tube was app. 1/2" of "white puss". This is because fat from the burger heads right through the lining of the stomach, hitting the blood stream, proving fat from animal products is a leading cause of the hardening and clogging of arteries.

A heart attack can be from numerous causes, yet many are all related, as our bodies are designed so all parts synchronize for maximum efficiency. One part not working properly often affects all other parts of the body. This is the Holistic approach, looking at all body functions to realize why there is a problem if one exists.

Anger and/or emotional stress often have huge impact on our hearts. Being caught in extremely polluted places, especially while eating junk foods, smoking, taking dangerous drugs, etc. can exacerbate the symptom of heart stress, even causing lung / heart ache at times. Even intense performance or exercise can greatly affect heart rates, so be careful. Take these symptoms serious, if they do not dissipate after a number of minutes.

Heart disease is rampant with a population that eat, drink or breathe contaminated toxins that exist in a wide variety of environments, diets, and lifestyles. It takes a lot of stamina, discipline and change to sometimes accomplish a truly healthy relationship between body, mind and Spirit. A good start is to avoid the deleterious effects of drugs, chemicals, and poisons that are prevalent in today's society.

These symptoms, caused by fat coagulating throughout the blood stream of arteries and veins, can lead to many illnesses, and is a major contributor to heart disease and strokes. This adverse condition can be reversed, yet takes time and patience.

The best case is prevention, and there is not a better time than now to start. Most larger communities now have natural foods groceries, and that is a good place to make a shift, as well as your own organic gardens. Realize that what you put into yourself is what leads to numerous body reactions. Vegan [pure vegetarian - no animal products], fresh raw organic produce, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, pure juices, while avoiding wheat is a good start. Nutritional balance is essential in maintaining good health.

Veins and arteries in our bodies accumulate junk just like homes and yards, if they are not cleaned up. When passage ways to the heart are totally blocked, that's it. Sometimes heart attacks, leading to an emergency hospital visit will only exacerbate the problem, or at best prolong it while one is dying in pain. Open heart surgery has saved lives, yet it is very expensive, leading to an extended life of more pain and suffering in most cases. Although frustrating, sometimes death is the only other option at this point.

The best plan - eat healthy foods while avoiding greasy food, especially contaminated animal products, those with a lot of fat. Cream, cheese, butter, lard, and hydrogenated oils [Crisco included] are out.

One of my favorites is carrot / beet / celery juice. This juice is best when freshly made, drinking it within 15 minutes of juicing it, as all these great enzymes and body maintenance nutrients are most active when fresh. Once this formula enters our systems, it is immediately absorbed by stomach and digestive tract, entering blood stream and affecting all parts of our cellular structure to some extent.

Fruits and vegetables whose edible sections are white may lower your risk of stroke more than other fruits and vegetables, Dutch researchers report.

How To Improve Cholesterol Levels

Realize the HDL cholesterol is essential to health, the kind a body naturally makes to maintain itself. LDL cholesterol is not good, a condition existing from consumption of saturated fats of animal products that has entered the blood stream, lodging itself there. Here are ways to reduce this extreme problem with many people:

Once you make the change away from foods making LDL cholesterol along with other non essential saturated and trans fats, stay away from those food groups. Continuing to eat them later will simply bring back the problem.

A few years back one of my best friends would eat a pint of ice cream every night, after eating greasy Chinese food every day. Out of concern, I cautioned him about this, but he "felt" healthy as he was active, working from dawn to dusk every day. On one day in particular, he was not feeling good, keeled over and died. When paramedics came, they said it was such a massive heart failure, that even if he made it to a hospital, only 2 out of 100 survive such a severe attack.

There is always hope for a better life when one changes before it is too late. This does not mean we live forever, as a time will come when we all pass on. Would you prefer this life to be more pleasant, with less health issues to deal with? Then you are at the right site to learn ways you can heal yourself, while saving your family inheritance / estate for future generations, if the Health Care Profession doesn't take it all from letting adverse conditions go too far. Most insurance plans often do not cover the entire amount of treatment procedure, so prevention is often the best remedy or solution.

When time permits, this page will continue with much more pertinent information, to help individuals treat heart disease naturally, as well as guidelines to prevent the debilitating and often deadly illness. For now, check out the numerous links below to get a better understanding how heart problems can be avoided.

Links to pertinent articles and more information:

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