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True Health Care Reform while supporting green technologies

It is vitally important right now, to let Government officials know how you feel about health care reform. Chemical dispersants being used BP for oil spill in Gulf of Mexico are deadly poisons, while safe methods are not even considered. It is vitally important right now to contact Government representatives and inform them of your ideas.

The most recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan puts into question the safety of Nuclear Power facilities. There are much safer ways to access and store power, that so far lack funding to facilitate.

For too long Medicare, Medicaid and most Insurance plans have excluded most Holistic and Natural Health practitioners. Natural holistic treatments need to be included in this funding to be fair. Honest nutritional programs, promoting the use of organic natural foods have been overlooked as providing the public with a means to stay healthy. Health maintenance programs, also known as prevention, cost much less in the long run while supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Green energy technologies also need more funding and support, to avoid severe environmental damages like the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Japan meltdowns and tsunami damage. Get these going by letting Congressmen and the White House know by calling them or sending a message with referendum votes for candidates supporting our causes, or stopping them when they don't.

Sadly, the latest Senate Finance Committee's recommendation indicates AMA MDs still get the mandate, virtually excluding any and all funding for holistic or natural practitioners. This needs to change for this plan to really work, yet it's still "more of the same", as Obama's plan basically gives people a choice - "one of them" - the drug, chemical and surgery pushing variety, that is.

Green energy resources are still not funded adequately, while President Obama earlier suggested another $54 billion for Nuclear Proliferation, while green technologies are put on "back burner". This cannot happen if we are to survive without healthy choices and storage issues associatied with radiation contamination.

Contact all your local Congress person [ ], Senators [ ], and the Obama Administration [ ]. Let them know how YOU feel about this, in your own words. A phone call direct, or even better showing up at their offices has the greatest impact.

As issues that can affect all of us are now on the table, it is vitally important for politicians to know the vast majority of natural healing methods have long been overlooked, and viable green energy resources that need to be supported.

When the general public have to pay for Holistic while Allopathic remedies costing much more are funded, Government can easily rein in costs by funding healthy alternatives. The same is generally true for green technologies that will not use up too much valuable farmland.

This is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity, as the Obama administration is advocating "transparency" in Government while attempting the "reign in" the adverse effects of lobbying. AMA officials as well as companies manufacturing dangerous chemicals, big pharma, and other organizations have mostly controlled this funding for too long. Do your part and act now before it is too late. Please forward this information to anyone that might help with this.

Sincerly, Dennis Knicely, Editor / Publisher

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